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Campus over the Summer

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Summer is here! Who isn’t looking forward to three months of great(ish) weather with no lectures?

Despite lectures being over and campus appearing to be quieter than usual, the University services and campus still has lots of things going on.

Available study spots and library hours
With the undergrads gone for the summer, it’s a lot quieter on campus. From 10 June on-wards, library sites across campus will switch to their summer hours. Click here for more information on opening times and alternative library sites on campus.

International Society
Make sure you keep up to date with the International Society as they’ll be running day trips to several famous spots around the UK such as Oxford, Cheshire Oaks, Liverpool and the Lake District.

Have fun in the park
Put on your sport shoes, grab your Frisbee, make a picnic and go wild in the local parks nearby. There’s some great outdoor spaces on our door-step including Whitworth Park, Platt Fields Park and Sackville Gardens. The parks are generally open from dawn to dusk so why not go for a morning run or evening walk?

If you want to take your fitness to the next level, why not join the weekly south Manchester Parkrun in Platt Fields Park on Saturday mornings?

Similarly to a park run, the University’s sports facilities will be open throughout the Summer. It’s a great time to enjoy a workout without worrying about whether or not the gym will be overcrowded. Next time you fancy a break from your dissertation, why don’t you go for a relaxing swim at the Aquatics Centre?

Venture a little further for your lunch
Prepping your food ahead can be fun and a great way to save some pennies, but remember there are lots of great eateries nearby campus that will be open during the summer. Just a short walk away you can find vegetarian hot-spot Eighth Day Cafe, fresh and authentic falafels at Go Falafel in Rusholme or for a taste of Korean food, head to eatGoody. If you want to go further afield, here are 8 new Manchester street food stalls that you really should try any day of the week!

Make the most of the Career Service
Summer is the perfect time to seek help with writing your CV or preparing for that looming job interview. The Careers Service is available throughout the summer and now with campus being a little quieter, it will be easier to book an appointment with a career adviser.


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