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What to expect when you’re in final year

You’re in the last year of your degree! Can you believe how quickly it’s gone by? For most of you, this will be the most heavily weighted year of your programme thus far and talk quickly turns to dissertations and long essays. Understandably this can seem a daunting prospect but fear not, we have plenty of resources for you so you’re prepped and ready to take on the challenges of final year.

Make the most of office hours!

Now you’re in the last year of your degree, even if you have let them past them by before, now is the time to go to office hours. Your seminar leaders put aside time each week specifically to offer one to one support and guidance. Times vary between academics so find out when these are and where they are based or drop your tutor an email if you didn’t quite grasp something in class or need help talking through course material. Your tutors are specialists in their field – a valuable discussion could offer a whole new perspective on subject matter you may not have even considered beforehand.

Get a head start on planning your dissertation

We know the academic year has only just begun but it’s never too early to start thinking about your dissertation – you will thank us later! It will most likely be the largest piece of written work you’ve ever done so it can be difficult to know where to start but the most important part at this stage is starting.  We’ve pulled together some top tips to make planning your dissertation a bit easier.

What about taking advantage of My Learning Essentials?

MLE is the library’s award-winning programme which is all about gaining new skills to help you through your studies as well as developing the abilities you already have! Check out the online resources which develop your expertise in areas such as referencing and how to proof read like a pro – essential skills for writing the best dissertation you can. There are also a number of interactive workshops which are based in the state-of-the-art Alan Gilbert Learning Commons – they are all free to book on so there’s no excuse not to.  Show final year what you’re about!