Dissertation Services

Places to get your Dissertation or Thesis printed and bound

Although you’re at the final stage in what seems like your life work, it isn’t over until you officially submit it. Save yourself the stress and not leave the printing and binding stage until the day of submission!


When should I get my dissertation bound?

This is entirely up to you. Most courses will ask you to have your dissertation or thesis bound and printed, sometimes even twice.  The closer you get to the deadline, you’d be surprised at how long the queues can get. The last thing you would want is miss the deadline because you are still waiting for the queue. Give yourself at least a couple of days to get your dissertation bound will make for a far less stressful hand-in.

What kind of binding do I need?

Though the formatting of dissertations may differ from course to course, the type of binding you need to use is fairly consistent across the University. Use your course handbook and the Guidance for the Presentation of Taught Masters Dissertations document for the exact requirements, and ensure that they are followed wherever you choose to get it done.

Where can I get my dissertation bound?

There are a number of places to get your dissertation bound in Manchester, many of them on or very close to campus including our own SU print shop. Other popular choices include Hollingworth Moss and Mu Print. Try calling ahead on the day you’re planning to go to if you’re concerned about demand. On the day, one great tip is to get there early in the morning right before they open.