Manchester Social Responsibility

Halls residents donate over £85,000 and 2300 meals for charity

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Last year if you lived in Halls you donated a staggering 6125 bags of unwanted clothes, shoes, books, electrical appliances and crockery to the British Heart Foundation in the annual ‘Give It Don’t Bin It, end of year campaign. This has been calculated as the equivalent of £85, 750 worth of donations to the charity helping them to fund life-saving research into heart disease.



If you live in Fallowfield and other local areas in South Manchester, over 14700 bags were donated, which is an equivalent to £206,178 donated to the charity.

Unopened food items were also collected through the end of term reuse scheme. You were asked to donate unopened food tins and packets that you had left in your cupboards to Manchester central foodbank, who support people in food poverty living across Manchester. Almost 1 tonne of food items were donated which equates to 2357 meals.


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