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Five ways to stay safe at uni

Your time at university should be something that you’re free to enjoy without worrying too much about your safety.

Whether you’re new to the University or you’ve been here for a few years, it’s always worth a little reminder of how to stay safe while making the most of your time here, especially as the nights are drawing in.

Here’s five things to help you put your safety first.

  1. Look after yourself, and your friends

One of the most crucial ways to stay safe is to stay in a group, especially when getting home at night. Not only does it mean that you can all look after each other, but splitting the taxi makes it cheaper, too! You can read all of our tips for looking out for each other here.

Some things to be aware of….

  • Run out of cash? The Students’ Union’s Safe Taxi Scheme allows you to book a StreetCars Taxi and leave your student card in lieu of payment.
  • Travelling home from near campus? The Students’ Union also offers a shuttle bus service from the Alan Gilbert Learning Commons.
  1. Take care of your possessions

Don’t be complacent when it comes to looking after your belongings. Just because you’ve never had a problem leaving your laptop unattended in the library, doesn’t mean that it is completely safe.

You can read all of our tips for looking after your belongings here.

Some things to be aware of…

  • Got a bike? To reduce the number of bicycle thefts on campus, we offer a subsidised bike lock scheme and free bike marking service for all students. Get yours here.
  • Be aware of phishing scams. The University will never ask for your security information, including bank details and passwords, via email.
  • Make your valuable possessions with a UV pen and be sure to register the serial numbers of your electronic equipment on Immobilise.
  1. Stay safe with Wary of Light Fingers (WOLF)

Do you often wear earphones or use your phone for directions when getting from A to B? Do you leave your window open when you leave home, or forget to check your surroundings before withdrawing cash from an ATM? The WOLF campaign, jointly run with Greater Manchester Police and Manchester City Council, shares small and simple tips to make your day-to-day tasks safer.

Look out for the WOLF team, who’ll be sharing their tips for personal safety at events at the University throughout the year. You can also get hold of some WOLFIE freebies to help spread the message to your fellow students! Visit the website for more info.

  1. Be aware of New Psychoactive Substances

You might have heard the term ‘legal highs’, but have you heard of New Psychoactive Substances (NPS)? A law passed in 2016 means that most drugs other than alcohol, nicotine and caffeine are illegal, and the use or possession of these drugs could put you at risk of criminal sentencing.

Manchester Student Homes will be raising awareness of NPS and the associated health risks throughout the year, so keep an eye out for the team at student safety events on campus, where you can get hold of scratch cards containing facts about the most common substances used by students, and where to go for advice.

  1. Don’t Suffer in Silence

If you have an issue off campus, don’t forget that you can contact Manchester Student Homes’ Neighbourhood Helpline, a 24 hour messaging service for students and members of the community.

Whether you want to report a noise party, anti-social behaviour or environmental concerns, you can use the voicemail service by calling 0161 275 1863.

Please note that this line is not intended for emergencies. Always dial 999 in an emergency, or 101 to report a non-emergency crime.


For further tips and updates check out the Manchester Student Safety page or follow our crime reduction twitter account @UOMCRA.