3 reasons to go to The Big Careers Fairs

With the year just starting and everyone back in the swing of Uni-things, Manchester Central are hosting two full days of what employers could offer graduates. At the very least you will get helpful advice and discover your options! Here are three main reasons to check the fairs out:


  1. To get a graduate job or an internship


We’re not saying you are going to get offered a job there and then at the fair, but the main reason employers attend recruitment fairs is because they are looking to recruit. All the employers at The Big Careers Fair will be looking to fill their vacancies – either graduate roles or summer internships or placements for summer 2018.


  1. It saves you time in the long run


You might think you don’t have time to go to Manchester Central for the day and that you’ve got too much on, but attending the fair can save you time in the long run. You don’t have to spend the whole day at the fair, you can just go for a couple of hours. Attending the fair gives you the opportunity to speak directly to a number of different recruiters and ask them questions about job roles, their application process and what they are looking for in an applicant. Rather than looking for hours on various company websites trying to find the information that you want.


  1. Try before you buy


It’s no surprise that there are literally hundreds of jobs available to graduates, and it can be pretty overwhelming just thinking about where to start. Going to the fair gives you the chance to see what type of different industries and jobs roles are available to graduates. Talking to recruiters about their company values, ethos and work place environment etc. will give you an idea if the employer would be the right fit for you.

It’s also worth remembering employers are interested in who you are, not what you studied. A lot of recruiters are looking for students form a wide variety of subjects so have a look around and talk to people.


Register for tickets

Tuesday 10 October, 10.30am -4pm: The Big Careers Fair Day 1

Over 70 employers with internships and work experience opportunities in marketing, business, HR, consultancy, retail and more. Register here.

Wednesday 11 October, 10:30am – 4pm: The Big Careers Day 2

Over 80 employers with internships and work experience opportunities in engineering, science and technology. Register here.