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3 tips for sustainable eating

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Here at Manchester, we pride ourselves on being socially responsible. The vision is to use its knowledge to influence and support a world that is environmentally sustainable. Check out our tips on how to be a bit more food savvy with your eating habits:

  1. Grab some veg locally 

Want some locally grown, organic fresh veg? Every Tuesday behind the Uni Place, the Veg Box People makes it convenient for anyone willing to eat well, for less (impact on the environment).

The veg boxes come in different sizes ranging from just £6. The veg is grown within 50 miles of Manchester and freshly picked on the day just hours just before it appears in your box. Support the environment while also helping out local farmers.

     2. Try new seafood

Fish is always a great stable to have if your diet allows it. With most of them filled with healthy fats, high in proteins and a great taste, this is a great alternative to meat.

However, keep in mind that some species are exposed to being over-fished or farmed in a way that harms the environment.  Try considering some new seafood if you think your go-to variety is on the “harmful” list.

    3. Reduce your meat intake

Apologies to all meat-lovers but the truth speaks for itself. A healthy plate would suggest minimising the amount of meat you take in daily, especially red meat. With meat production being a large contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, we could all play a role in slowing down the damage being caused to the environment by trying other sources of proteins such as legumes and nuts.



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