Focus on – Social Justice Challenge

If you can remember as far back as Welcome Week last year, around 5000 of you completed the Sustainability Challenge. Completing this challenge was your first step in completing all three Ethical Grand Challenges during your undergraduate degree.

The Social Justice Challenge is the Ethical Grand Challenge for second year undergraduates. It asks how should we promote a just society? How we challenge injustice, value diversity, define human rights, and allocate resources.

The challenge launches on Tuesday 17 October at the Volunteering and Social Justice Fair. The Social Justice Challenge is delivered online, via Blackboard and takes less than an hour to complete. To access the Social Justice Challenge, go into Blackboard, scroll down to the  My Communities section below your current list of courses and click on EGC: Social Justice Challenge.

To complete the challenge you need to work through the introduction plus two of the four themes, but you can do them all if you want. Each theme is explored using a mix of film and short activities, giving you access to expert views from across the University of Manchester and beyond. You’ll also find lots of suggestions for ways you can follow up, and take action.

Completion of all 3 Ethical Grand Challenges counts towards the Manchester Leadership Award, one in each year. That means, if you completed the Sustainability Challenge in your first year, you’re on track to achieving the Manchester Leadership Award.  The Award is more than just a record of your achievements, it demonstrates that you know what it means to do more and be more.

Find out about the other activities that you need to complete to achieve the Manchester Leadership Award here.