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Volunteering for your Career

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Volunteering is a great thing to have on your CV when it comes to applying for jobs. Don’t under estimate the value of what you gain from ‘unpaid’ experience. It gives you a range of skills such as;

  • Team work – experience of working with a variety of different people, communities and cultures
  • Communication
  • Problem solving
  • Project management and event planning

Volunteering also demonstrates to potential employers you can show commitment and enthusiasm to a cause.

Certain sectors particularly value volunteering. This includes work in areas such as teaching, youth work, health and social care, and the environment.

If you are thinking about working in these sectors it’s definitely worth undertaking volunteering whilst at University. You can also find out more about the different roles in the sector and what employers look for in applicants by attending the Little Careers Fair.

Employers at the Little Careers Fair include;

  • Charityworks
  • TeachFirst
  • Frontline
  • ThinkAhead

For more information visit the Careers website http://bit.ly/littlecareersfair

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