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Workplace Ethics workshop

Are you interested in a career working with Children & Young People?

If so, we think you will be interested in a new Workplace Ethics workshop for final year students, that will give you the edge in job interviews and when applying for professional courses, including PGCE and Social Work.

The workshop is taking place on Wednesday 25th October (1.30-4pm, Main Campus) and is open to all final year undergraduates.

The workshop will explore ethical challenges experienced by newly qualified professionals in the workplace. The workshop focus will be sexting, social media and safeguarding: Protecting children and young people from experiencing harm, or harming others, in the digital age.

This workshop is for you if you are considering a career in teaching or social work. It will build your knowledge of, and confidence in, safeguarding, a topic you will be asked about in interviews. You will also find the workshop valuable if you’re interested in a career working in community work (including the arts and charity sectors) law, policing, psychology and counselling, and many more.

Student that have taken part tell us that this workshop:

  • provided skills & experiences they will find useful in their future careers (92%).
  • was enjoyable and they valued the opportunity to work with students from other disciplines (100%)

Through the workshop you will: 

  • Gain skills and experiences that will help you in applications and interviews
  • Take part in a dynamic and thought provoking workshop
  • Learn about safeguarding from leading practitioners
  • Experience working in real-world multi-disciplinary settings


Hear from students that have taken part in this short film: 


Find out more, and sign up now, on the Ethical Grand Challenges website.

“It enabled me to reflect on ethical issues from other perspectives, including safeguarding, capacity, confidentiality, etc. other than my own”