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7 tips for juggling all the things you have to do

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University is a bit like juggling balls while riding a uni-cycle. Except maybe less fun-but just as tricky. Attending seminars, (trying) to go to classes, having the coursework done on time, exams, applications, going out…the list goes on. If only time turners existed, right?

1)      Prioritise the essentials: Start working on the most important things first, then work your way down and around the least important ones. Getting the crucial stuff out of the way first will give you a bigger sense of achievement which will give you even more momentum to finish the other tasks.

2)      Create a schedule: Doing this is ideal the night before as it allows you to prepare for the upcoming day. Designate realistic chunks of time to certain projects and give yourself a realistic deadline to get it done. This will allow you to work with a sense of urgency

3)      Stay clear of distractions: Saying “no” to certain things like catching up on your Netflix watching or having a weekday night out can be difficult especially if these are a habit . If you don’t want to make a tough decision, don’t put yourself out there Extreme times require extreme precautions. One good example is working in locations where you know you are more productive such as the library and not where all your mates may hang out.

4)      Exercise: This may seem like the easiest thing to neglect in periods of high stress. However, it’s important to understand that, like sleep, exercising helps you focus your state of mind.  If you are struggling to concentrate, try going for a short session of active exercise before you start working again. It works!

5)      Connect with People: Meeting up with friends is still really important, especially if you’re normally a social butterfly. Deal with the matters that are competing with your time and make sure you stay connected. Even if it’s just to buzz some ideas off each other. You’ll all be feeling similar pressures!

6)      Be free!  You are not a machine, embracing your free time is essential as it provides you to rest your brain and shift its focus. Knowing how to shut down is actually productive as it allows you recharge and refocuses your attention when you are up and at it again!

7)      Buy a blender: Yes, you read that right. This alone will save you about 30 minutes-1 hour of free time daily. Being productive with work can cause hunger to seep in very easily. Although it can be enjoyable to eat out or cook a meal, this could take up a good chunk of your time. Using a blender for occasions like a quick on-the-go breakfast or a healthy meal substitute allows you to be flexible with your schedule wherever you are. All you need is ingredients and a delicious recipe.

You’ve got this.

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