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Celebrating 2017

Congratulations – you’ve nearly made it to the Christmas break! Whether you’re just about to complete your first term at university, or you’re a seasoned professional and know the university life-cycle like the back of your hand, now is the perfect time to look back at the year and everything that has made 2017 so great.

If you need a starting point, here’s some ideas from us.


The month of New Year’s resolutions, exercise and eating healthily. Your health is important all year round, which is why we’ve identified 6 ways to wellbeing that fit into your day-to-day life.


The month of ‘getting back into the swing of things’. After January exams, February is the time to get more involved in university life. Did you join that society that you didn’t get round to joining in semester one?


The month of giving, with Comic Relief, RAG Week and more. Whether it was a smile, a ‘thank you’ or taking action to help others, you will have made a difference to someone this year.


The month of Easter, which can mean that we gorge on chocolate, but also brings with it a focus on what we eat. Did you see our tips for sustainable eating?


The month of the Manchester 10k run! Over 2,400 students, staff and alumni ran together and raised thousands for charity in the process. You can already register your interest in the 2018 run if you feel like a challenge.


The month of festivals. In June we celebrated the Community Festival, opening our doors to local neighbours to discover everything we do. Did you come along, or go to another festival over the summer?


Summer arrived! Thousands of students graduated from the University and the campus was buzzing with happiness.


The month of internships, part-time jobs, volunteering and travelling…no matter what you did with your time off over summer, but you will have learnt a lot from your experiences.


The month of Welcome! We shared this list of things to tick off your campus to-do list – how have you been getting on?


The month of social justice. Many of you headed to the Volunteering and Social Justice Fair and thousands of second year undergrads took part in the Social Justice Challenge, another step towards the Manchester Leadership Award. Find out how you can get involved in Stellify and start working towards your award!


We celebrate those that go above and beyond in the Making a Difference Awards each year. Have you, or has someone you know, made a difference to the local community or wider society in 2017? Don’t let it go unrecognised and get nominating!


Which brings us to today. You’ll have lots to be proud of this year, whether it’s something we’ve listed here or not! Why not treat yourself by checking out some of the Christmassy goodness that’s taking place all over Manchester throughout December?


Remember, the Christmas break is a great time to spend with friends and family, but make sure that you look after yourself and enjoy your break responsibly.