Keeping safe this winter

It’s always important to look after yourself on campus and in the city – especially now the weather is getting colder and the nights are becoming darker. Whether this is your first or last winter in Manchester, here are our top tips on staying safe.


  1. Watch where you’re going

Okay, so we know you know how to cross the road but with Oxford Road’s bike and bus lane systems, it’s easy to forget the basics. Always remember to use the crossings no matter how slow the traffic is going or how quiet the road seems. It does get busy and often when it’s wet and dark, it makes it difficult for others to see you.

Similarly, try and concentrate on where you’re going rather than scrolling on your phone. It only takes a few seconds to be distracted whilst checking Instagram or changing tracks that you step out without checking for that bike – or bus.

  1. Study safe

Look after your personal belongings in public spaces – this means fighting temptation and not leaving your laptop unattended in the library whilst popping out for a quick coffee break. If you need to leave your space, pack away all your belongings – it’s better to be safe than sorry

  1. Cycle safely

Cycling is a cheap and healthy way of getting around the city. However in such a busy city and especially in winter, it’s important to take extra care and know how to cycle well. For some top tips on how to cycle safely check out Transport for Greater Manchester’s cycle checklist. And don’t forget to wear a helmet and check your lights!

  1. Look after your bike

As part of the University’s security initiative to reduce the number of bikes stolen on campus, you can purchase excellent quality subsidised bike locks for only £15 (RRP £40) – an early and smart Christmas present for yourself? We think so!

  1. Get home safely

If you’re late leaving campus – whether you’ve been studying or socialising, think about taking the Union Shuttle Bus home. It leaves from the Learning Commons on the hour and can get you home or to the train station cheaply.