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How Do I Choose the Perfect Accommodation for Next Year?

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Help! Semester one drawing to a close and still no idea where you’ll be living next year? Well, panic not. In this handy guide, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about visiting accommodation and finding out which area of Manchester is best for you.

So Where do I Begin?

The crusade of finding the perfect house/flat can often seem a daunting task. How do I begin? Who do I turn to!? Well, as ever, the Internet is the solution to our problem. There are some great websites out there that list available student accommodation, with a particular favourite of mine being Simply use the drop-down boxes to find properties within your budget, and you’ll soon be on your way to booking visits!


Location, Location, Location

So you’ve started using accommodation-search websites, and you realise there’s the option to select the area you want to live in. But which one is right for you? All we need now is a list describing the advantages/disadvantages of the main places that students live in…

  • Fallowfield- While there are quieter parts of Fallowfield, it can often be a rowdy place, so if you’re someone who loves living somewhere lively then this is the area for you. However, if you’re someone who values peace and quiet, you may want to check other places out. Another thing to bear in mind is Fallowfield’s distance from the University, which might be an advantage to some while being a disadvantage to those who prefer a short commute.
  • Victoria Park- Situated between Fallowfield and the city centre, those living in Victoria Park can boast of being only a stone’s throw away from University, as well as being closer to the city’s clubs and shops than the Fallowfielders are. Although it is worth bearing in mind that this is a quieter area, which may or may not be appealing to you, and that (shock horror!) there aren’t as many takeaways on your doorstep as there are in Fallowfield.
  • The City Centre- Finally, there is the city centre. On the one hand, you have the luxury of being close to all the shops, clubs and bars you could dream of. On the other hand, rent prices are a lot higher here than in either Fallowfield or Victoria Park, and the city centre can often be a noisome area to live in.rhys2

Visit Accommodation!

 Last but not least, it it is worth stating that you must always visit accommodation! This is the only way of finding out whether that flat/house if really for you, and you’ll even get an insight into whether that whole area is somewhere you’ll enjoy living. Remember, images of accommodation can often be misleading, so see it in the flesh before booking it!rhys3

And that’s most of the information you need to do some house hunting! Just remember to think carefully about your choice and check out accommodation before signing any contracts.

Manchester Student Homes are holding Accommodation Fairs across campus in the coming weeks to help with your search and offer advice on finding the perfect house! 

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