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Pint of Science

Pint of Science will be hosting their first talk of the year on the 31st January at La Tasca, Deansgate.

Pint of Science is a three day festival taking place across Manchester, where scientists are brought to the pub to share their research with the public. The festival has been a great success and now simultaneously takes place in over 10 countries. This year marks the 5th year that the festival has taken place in Manchester.

This year’s festival will be held on the 14th – 16th May. However, ahead of the main event, there will also be one off talks. The first of which is ‘Learning about Forgetting: the Science and Experiences behind Alzheimer’s Disease’. For more information and booking details see the Pint of Science website, where you can also sign up to their mailing list so that you don’t miss details of the actual festival when they are released.

Remember, that the idea behind the festival is that you don’t have to be an expert; the events are a great chance to meet like-minded people with an interest in the world of science and research in its broadest sense.