Your Say for Your Uni

Your Say for Your Uni

How do you have Your Say for Your Uni?

Do you know how you can influence changes at the University?  Your Say for Your Uni is how.

The Your Say for Your Uni  covers all the different ways that you can make your student voice heard  – from being a rep (or just talking to your rep) to completing  student experience surveys.

Institution wide surveys are one of the easiest ways to give your opinion on everything from your teaching, to the Students Union and all the other facilities that help make your student experience.  Over the next few months most, if not all students, have the opportunity to take part in at least one University recognised survey.

There are a number of University-wide surveys all aimed at different students. So, although it might  feel like you’re always being asked to complete surveys, you will only be asked to take one student experience survey during the academic year, plus Unit Surveys (for taught students).

Feedback from these surveys is used throughout the University at all levels to implement real and positive changes to the student experience here at the University.  You might see some of the posters and digi-signs featuring  ‘I Said, the Uni Did’, which give examples of when student feedback has made a real change to the facilities, services or learning experiences the University offers. Many of you will have recently completed your Unit Surveys and the results will be passed to your academic school – all completely anonymised – by the end of the month, so keep an eye out for changes in response to these!

So, this semester take the opportunity to really think about your experiences here at the University – what has worked, and just as importantly, what hasn’t worked so well, and make sure that your voice is heard. Without student feedback the University has no real way of knowing if we’re meeting your expectations or if what we’re doing is working.  All of you feedback is completely anonymous.

Up-coming surveys:

  • NSS (finalist undergraduates) launches 29th January
  • PTES (PGT students) launches 5th March
  • Unit Surveys (all taught students) launches 17th April

You’ll be contacted via email when it’s your turn to have your say.

Don’t forget, surveys aren’t the only way to be heard, and if you have something you want to say before or after a survey is open, there are lots of other ways – including local feedback channels in schools, speaking to your course rep or one of your Student Union reps.  See Your Say for your Uni for more information.