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From help to humour – the PhD blogs you should read now

Working towards a PhD can be one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever do, but at times it can also be one of the most alienating things. While everyone’s PhD experience is different, you can be sure the general trials and tribulations of postgrad life have been well-documented online, offering everything from help to humour in a digestible blog format.

Here’s our pick of the best PhD blogs which will inspire you, make you laugh and hopefully motivate you.

Need a helping hand?

The Thesis Whisperer

General life hacks for the PhD student.

Latest three blog posts: ‘School is out for Summer!’, ‘In praise of academic spouses’ and ‘I want to leave academia – what’s next?’.

The Dutch PhD Coach

Now handily coming in an English version, this popular blog muses on the process of researching and writing your thesis.

Latest three posts: ‘Why you should think about your acknowledgements in your dissertation’, ‘Recipe for writing a scientific paper’ and ‘Good times and bad times’.

Have a laugh

Ph.D Comics

If you’ve never visited this site before, start with the 200 most popular comics; you’ll relate to at least 180.

Get some motivation


A phorum phor helping you stay accountable for your phrogress.

The private discussion board includes threads such as: Phorum, Phinally PhinisheD and Phood and Phitness.

Empathise with me

PhD Life

The questions you think you should definitely know the answer to, the random things that prove the most difficult; you can bet other people have thought them. And then blogged about them.

Latest three posts: ‘Winging it at question time (a primer)’, ‘The Form of the Good (PhD Student)’ and ‘The virtues and vices of PhD students’.

Work/life balance

Get a Life PhD

You’re probably laughing right now, but understanding how you work best means you can actually squeeze more social time out of your day as Tanya Golash-Boza discovered.

Latest three posts: ‘Have a Little Fun with Semester Planning’, ‘Mini-Retreats: Writing Blissfully During Busy Times’ and ‘How I Created an Edited Volume in Record Time: Less Than Two Years from Idea to Print’.

Relate to a fellow ‘UoM-er’ and hear from our own PhD blogger

For something a little closer to home, check out what Unéné has to say about her time pursuing a PhD in Mechanical Engineering  at Manchester. Unene offers great advice on surviving the whole process, while also being open about her experiences coming from abroad.

Latest three posts: ‘The value of having a crew’, ‘Work-life balance: Is it really that important?’ and ‘A Guide to Surviving a PhD’.

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