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Celebrating the end of exams and a new semester

Now that exams are finally over, it’s time to celebrate and have some fun ahead of the next semester! Whether you are looking forward to catching up with friends or having a night on the town, here are some ideas to help you celebrate and welcome back the luxury of having a bit more free time.

Explore the city

With a few days to spare, now is a great time to get out and to see more of Manchester – even if the weather has seen better days. Why not spend an afternoon visiting one of the fantastic museums or galleries the city has to offer? Or alternatively, you could check out a play at one of the theatres or go out for a meal?

If you haven’t already heard, many restaurants in town and beyond have lots of amazing discounts throughout January – so explore somewhere new and eat well for cheap! And if you need any more ideas on what to do in Manchester, how about challenging yourself to tick off as many of the 101 things to do in Greater Manchester as possible?


A night on the town

One of the most popular choices for many to celebrate is by hitting the town with your friends. If you are heading on a big night out – ensure you stay safe, stick together with your group and to keep your phone charged and on you at all times.

One extra thing to keep in mind is that your neighbours would prefer to not hear all about your night, so try to keep noise to a minimum on your way back home. Your neighbours will appreciate you continuing to be considerate of them whilst bearing in mind; they will likely have different schedules to you and be of various ages. If you’re planning a party, it’s a good idea to let your neighbours know in advance so they are kept in the loop.

Throw a dinner party

If you prefer to celebrate from the comforts of your home, why don’t you invite your friends over for a dinner or set-up Come Dine With Me challenges? Whether you attempt a full on three course feast or just fancy sticking a pizza in the oven, having your friends over is a great way to catch-up after a hectic few weeks. You could ask everyone to contribute to ingredients or to bring something along which will mean it won’t cost you the earth.

Catch up on a little rest and relaxation

While celebrating sounds like fun for some, a lot of you will probably just want a night off to chill out and get some well-deserved sleep after all those late night study sessions. If you’ve been neglecting your bed of late, it’s the perfect time to catch up on sleep and getting your sleep patterns back to normal. You could even use it as a time to have a pamper session by running a nice bath and then curling up with your favourite snack and film.

And if celebrations are getting a bit too much…

If you feel affected by noisy or anti-social neighbours, did you know you can call the confidential Neighbourhood Helpline? Simply call 0161 275 1863 to report any issues (including anti-social behaviour by other students, residents or environmental concerns) to the voicemail and someone will be in touch soon afterwards. Alternatively you can email neighbourhood.helpline@manchester.ac.uk. Both the University and the council take anti-social behaviour seriously, and reporting it will really make a difference.

If there is an emergency situation please call 999 or 101 for non-emergency calls. Have fun, but stay safe out there.