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Make 2018 your year to eat healthily

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Veg Box People have started the year by taking stock, looking at how much fresh local produce went into the bags in 2017 and it was loads! It’s no wonder so many of our customers are eating more healthily and seasonally since joining the box scheme. Have a look at the infographic below to give you a little taster of some of the delicious local organic veg we ate between us in 2017…

VBP VEG STATS 2018 (2)

In a survey we carried out over the summer over 65% of our customers felt they had changed their diets by being involved in the box scheme, be that eating more healthily, seasonally or trying completely new veg. Customers also cited the benefits of the box scheme as convenience, good value, a friendly face (instead of a faceless corporation), wasting a lot less food due to quality (and it being super tasty!), environmental benefits and supporting a fairer food system.

So if any of your new year’s resolutions involve health, environment or supporting local farmers – or you simply want to eat great local food – a weekly bag from Veg Box People could be your answer.

To sign up now go to or come and see us at the weekly collection point on Tuesday 12-5.30pm outside the Greenhouse restaurant at University Place/ George Kenyon Hall.

Collection points at the University are located outside Greenhouse Café, Fallowfield Campus Source Cafe- Owens Park & University Place Shop.



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