Career Future

UCIL Semester two Units

Did you know that you can use your free-choice credits to take units from outside of your
degree discipline? Taking a University College for Interdisciplinary Learning (UCIL) unit is an opportunity to try out something different, gain a new skill, and to broaden your horizons. UCIL course units are open to undergraduates; they are credit bearing and count towards your degree.

UCIL introduces you to issues, topics and new ways of thinking, tackling the key questions facing society in the 21st century. We have a wide variety of units to choose from in Semester 2, such as ‘The Crisis of Nature: Issues in Environmental History’ and ‘Communicating with Confidence’.

Even if you’ve already chosen your units for semester 2, it’s not too late to sign up. You
usually have until week 2 of the semester (9 February) to make any final changes.
If you’re interested in trying something new or just want to improve your CV, see our full list of options on the UCIL Website.