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Why I chose Manchester and what it’s like being a student

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UCAS is probably the last thing you want to hear about right now and I’m sorry to be the one talking about it but I know applications have been sent, interviews are beginning to be scheduled and offers are starting to come in. This means the age-old question ‘So what is your top choice?’ is starting to rear its ugly head.

For the longest time I didn’t know the answer to this, but when I eventually did I stuck to it like super glue and well…here I am!

It was a very difficult decision coupled with the fact I only visited 3/5 of my options (one of the ones I didn’t visit being Manchester) but I decided on Manchester as my firm and am so glad I did. So I’m here to share with you why I did and how it’s worked for me (and how it could for you).

Why I chose Manchester:

First of all, I wanted a good university in terms of league tables. This sounds bad when you say it but almost everyone has done the same. A lot of people do this for the initial choices and order them. As soon as that was out of the way I then looked at location and whereabouts it was to the nearest city/town centre. I didn’t want to be in the middle of nowhere and have to travel 5 hours by foot to the nearest McDonald’s. As we all know Manchester is a very big city and the university is a bus ride away (or walk if you’re strong) from Piccadilly – the centre of Manchester, so in that respect Manchester came out on top for me.

The biggest overall factor I used, to determine Manchester was the right choice for me, was how each of my chosen universities appeared to treat their students. I didn’t get the chance to visit Manchester until my applicant day, so what I did do was follow them on Snapchat to get an insight into what it was like there for students – yes my decision was based off Snapchat what a ‘millennial’ thing to say, but anyway, on their Snapchat The University always appeared to go above and beyond for their students. From the nap pod to the Wellbeing rooms to revision packs they placed around the library for students during exams. I was sold.

It was very important for me to not only come out with a good quality degree but, above all, come out also knowing I spent my time in a place I enjoyed and where I felt valued and important.

At the end of the day its 3 – 4 (even more) years of your life, which is a big commitment both time-wise and financially.

Student experience was the biggest factor for me and coupled with Manchester’s academic success this put them at number 1 for me.

What it’s like studying here:

Firstly, I am pleased to say Manchester lived up to my expectations if not exceeded them, in terms of that student treatment I keep harping on about.

As I prepared for my first exams I was able to first hand experience the Universities wonderful treatment of its students, especially at a time they needed it most.

This came in the form of the de-stress weeks it ran which included free classes such as Tai chi, Sunrise Yoga and Zumba to help students maintain (relatively) calm and healthy during exams.

This alongside the other services it runs throughout the year such as essay writing and meditation (and that one time they had a bouncy castle and dogs in for Wellbeing Week) prove to me that the University really do want the best for their students. Especially in ways I haven’t seen at all from any of my friend’s universities. Ha!

Besides the lovely treatment there’s the fact that the facilities are a mix of modern and old which are so very Instagram-able -and of course lovely to work in, the fact there are lots and lots of societies going on throughout the week so you can never be bored, the art gallery and museum tangled within the university and the fact there are 4 music venues which host incredible artists all year round literally in our student union! Dua Lipa, Amine and Khalid just to name a few!

Its only slight downside is the unimaginable amount of rain but you kind of get used to it. And it sure does make you appreciate the sun even more.

Good luck with everything and hopefully you find the university that’s right for you (hint, hint Manchester)! #notsponsored



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