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A first year’s guide to career paths and opportunities

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In first year, one thing we all seem to worry about the least is Life after Uni. I mean it’s just the beginning, there’s plenty of time to do so and you’re only a fresher once right?

But what if I told you it’s possible to still have fun and invest a little in your career at the start to save yourself from the last minute panic towards graduation. With plenty of societies on campus, career services and events going on around the city, there are all kinds of resources available that can help you take some steps in the right direction especially if you’re still trying to figure out “what you want to be” now that you’re technically grown up.

Below is a short interview where I share a bit about my first year work experience at an Investment bank that also landed me a summer internship for my second year. The video was filmed by the Student Inspire Network who share plenty of stories just like mine, on all social media platforms, of others exploring their career options in various industries and sharing their journey and successes. This was a handy resource during my application process and it’s always great to hear how other’s managed to jump the same hurdles you’re facing especially when you’re feeling stuck.


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