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Third Year: Reflecting and Planning

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The new year is a time for reflection; looking over the things we have done. But the new year also brings resolutions and new opportunities.

I thought this time of year would be ideal for me to do a blog post reflecting over my first semester as well as plan for my very final semester of my undergraduate degree!


Reflecting on semester one

Semester one has been a busy yet enjoyable one! I felt productive with the work that I was doing and that’s all due to the time management.  I made sure to have a timetable where I got a few hours of studying between classes, I also made sure to have some time to wind down, take a break and spend some time with friends, whether it was getting lunch or popping into the museum for a while. There are so many spots around uni to spend some time unwinding. One of my favourites is grabbing a smoothie in the new Students Union. I learnt that maintaining a good schedule lets you work hard but also relax.

The first semester was also the time to make new friends, both in my course and through casual jobs at the University. I got the opportunity to be a welcome week ambassador and met new students from all around the world! There’s a good feeling about being one of the first faces new students see when they come into the university.  The experience was an invaluable one and made me realise that I really do need to grab all the opportunities I get and develop skills that can help me after I graduate. Sometimes, we’re so busy with uni, we forget we need to gain and develop skills and grab as many opportunities as possible!

Semester one was also the time where I was determined to improve my confidence and public speaking. . I am someone who really doesn’t like to speak in front of a big crowd, but for one of my course units I had to get up and do a debate with team mates. Although it was only 5 minutes, it was nerve wracking, but I am glad I took the opportunity to do something I otherwise would not have done. It made me realise that sometimes you need to get out of your comfort zone and go do something you probably won’t have done before!


Planning for my very last undergraduate semester!

It’s crazy how fast time at university has gone! With just one semester left, I want to do well in my studies but also make the most of being a student!. Being an ambassador has been one of my favourite things to do around uni, this is something I want to continue doing in my last semester.

I am really enthusiastic about what the New Year and semester brings (and a little scared too!)

So, to help me make the most of my final semester, here is a list of things I’m planning to do!

  • Grab as many opportunities as possible! Whether it is being an ambassador, interning or volunteering- the university careers service is great at helping you find something! It’s great for whichever year of your degree you’re in! especially final years who can find so much info about graduate schemes and how to fix up CVs!
  • Find the perfect study spot for you. Finding my own secret place to study helped me stay motivated and focused.
  • If places at University are too busy, check out a spot off campus. Here’s a really great video with top places to study.
  • Take more pictures around campus- sometimes I really regret not taking a picture when it was autumn or sunny. Build memories; soon enough you’ll be done with University and not realise you haven’t got any pictures!
  • Have a picnic in Whitworth Park!
  • Use the time I have between lectures and seminars to be productive, I could do this by planning and creating to-do lists to manage my time efficiently and make sure I am keeping on top of my work!
  • Before graduating- attend a ball with the friends I’ve made over the years. It’s important to stay connected with the friends you make- after all, some people say that it’s your friends you make at uni that will be your friends for life.
  • Attend one of the guest lecture events on campus. Manchester is known for its research so it’s interesting to attend a lecture on some of the events happening. There are so many! (you can find them here)
  • Outside of uni, spend a day touring around Manchester and seeing it’s history. Check out this amazing blog on places around Manchester.
  • Make use of the student discounts I have before they’re gone! Especially if its getting stationery and notepads for my final semester!


That’s just a small list of things I am hoping to check off as I head into semester two! I hope you all have a great semester and Happy New Year!


Tasnim x

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