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How to Stay Healthy at University

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Stress, stress, stress! With a hectic daily schedule of deadlines and part-time work, it can often feel like there’s no time left for looking after your health. So I’ve created this handy guide on how to maintain your physical and mental well-being, to keep you in tip-top condition!

Get Out, Get Active, Get De-Stressed

Keeping healthy is all about striking a balance between University, work and recreation. rhy1So while it might be tempting to tackle deadlines by imprisoning yourself in the library, it’s actually best to give yourself a bit of down-time. For example, why not have a break from work by playing one of your favourite sports? Certainly, with the University’s wide array of sports societies, including the football, kickboxing and squash groups, there’s always plenty of opportunity to enjoy some physical exercise. Or, if you’re beginning to feel the nerves as exam dates loom, why not take part in the University’s Sporticipate programme? This is a series of sports sessions organised to ensure you get active and have fun, so you’re perfectly de-stressed for those troublesome exams.

What’s That, You Say? I Can Eat Better for Less!?

While a balanced daily routine of University, work and play is essential to keeping fit and unwinding the mind, it’s also worth mentioning that a balanced diet is essential to staying healthy. ‘’But’’, I hear you cry, ‘’I want to eat healthily without spending vast amounts of my precious cash!’’.  Well, worry not, as you can certainly buy fine-quality fruit and veg and still have plenty of cash left over for nights out. Simply head over to the supermarkets later in the evening, and you’ll be able to get your hands on discounted healthy food. Also remember that the ‘ugly’ fruit and veg (poor guys) are sold cheaper than their more ‘handsome’ counterparts, so bag yourself these if you wish to save on that all-important weekly bill.


Mental Health- Learning to Look After Yourself

As well as keeping on top of physical health it is, of course, just as important to maintain positive mental health. So familiarise yourself with your normal moods and feelings, in order to better recognise any signs of mental unwellness. Don’t worry, we all have times when we feel low and anxious, but if you believe that these feelings are getting in the way of your happiness then contact a member of the University’s Counselling Service. They’re always friendly and will offer help if you’re struggling to cope with University work. Furthermore, you could always attend one of this Service’s great workshops on how to cope with anxiety and stress. Just remember, there’s always someone at the University to help you.

So simply eat healthily, get plenty of physical exercise and de-stress your mind to have a healthy, happy University experience!


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