Waste Reduction Week

The first ever Waste Reduction Week at The University of Manchester has launched.

Currently the amount of waste that the University produces is increasing, whilst at the same time the level of recycling is reducing (currently only 30% of our overall waste produced ends up as recycled).

Major waste issues have recently been covered in the media, including single use plastics that end up in the ocean, disposable single use paper cups or excessive amounts of food waste and we need your help to reduce the amount of waste we produce.

This week (and even after!) we are challenging students to reduce waste with help on how to do this with our top tips.

There’s also a photo competition where we’ll be asking you to show how you’ll be reducing waste during the month of March. For example, you may want to try and go plastic free while you shop, or look at ways you can reduce your food waste through portion control, freezing leftovers or freezing bread so it doesn’t get mouldy.

This competition is open to all students with the best pictures winning a new reusable cup or water bottle. As long as the picture shows a way you are reducing waste or increasing your recycling and re-use, you can enter.

How to enter:

Submit your pictures on any of the UoM Sustainability social media channels such as:


Instagram and use our hashtag #uomreduceweek

Twitter or use our tag @uomsust and hashtag #uomreduceweek

For more information on how to reduce waste check out the environmental sustainability team’s website.