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Industrial action update – 22 March

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In the light of the current industrial action over proposed changes to the USS pension scheme, the University has reiterated the assurance that all eligible students will progress and graduate as planned.

The University has in place arrangements to ensure that the impact of the industrial action on students is minimised and is supporting staff who wish to deliver (or make up in other ways) teaching affected by the industrial action. This might include rescheduling classes, making available podcasts from previous years or reorganising teaching within the existing timetable.

In addition to the commitments on progression and graduation, the University has clearly indicated an important principle is that the pay savings resulting from the industrial action will be used for the benefit of students. Staff are only required  to inform  the University that they have taken industrial action  at the end of each period of action, as a result we are currently assessing how many staff in each part of the University have taken action –  and in turn what the size of the fund will be. We are also in discussion with the Students’ Union about how students will benefit.

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