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How many of our campus hidden (and not so hidden) gems have you visited?

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With dissertations done and the end of term nearing ever closer, this is the perfect time to complete your campus bucket list – especially if you’re leaving your student days behind. So, from the best hot chocolate in the world to the Manchester Museum – here’s some hidden gems on and around campus you might have missed.

Bee in the City

Now’s the time to explore the many, many bees that have swarmed into the city. With over 100 unique statues, the Bee in the City trail will take you across the whole of Manchester – and even to some more hidden gems of Manchester’s own. There are three at the University, and you can download the app to find the rest. You can find out more on what the whole buzz is about here.

Godlee Observatory

Perched on the top of the Sackville Street building, the Godlee Observatory has seen many major moments across the last 100 years. Owned and run by Manchester Astronomical Society, the structure is one of only two papier mache observatories in the UK. Open on Thursday evenings, it is well worth a visit.

Take a break in Christie’s Bistro

One of the most beautiful cafes on campus – this old library (as pictured above) wouldn’t be out of place in Harry Potter. Make sure to order their hot chocolate!

Do a parkrun

It’s free, and it’s only 5k. You can do it. Parkrun happens every Saturday morning at 9am in Platt Fields Park, and will be a great way to take some time out of revision and revitalise yourself.

Grab a drink at Big Hands

Big Hands is the perfect post-Academy watering hole, and a favourite among Manchester bands. Don’t be surprised if you bump into a member of Elbow or I Am Kloot after they’ve played a gig.

The Whitworth

The recently renovated art gallery helped make Manchester one of the New York Times’ places to visit in 2015. The incredible space – coupled with breath-taking exhibitions by Cornelia Parker and more – is reason enough to walk an extra five minutes down Oxford Road.

Chill with Turing

Jump on the 147 and head to North Campus. Just beyond Sackville Street is the lovely Sackville Gardens, and right in the middle you’ll find a bench space next to a life-size sculpture of Alan Turning. Read about his life while you enjoy the late summer sunshine.

The spinning statue in Manchester Museum

This made the news a lot a few years ago, and although the mystery is now solved the statue (and the entire Egyptology department) is well worth dropping in. Manchester Museum is actually home to one of the largest and most important collections of ancient Egyptian artefacts in the country, and it’s right on your doorstep. Plus, you won’t be able to miss the Museum’s oldest resident – Stan the T-Rex. At around 65 million years old, Stan towers over the Museum floor as one of the world’s most complete T-Rex skeletons (he’s got some ridiculously menacing teeth…)

Whatever your favourite place is, enjoy taking it in and spending time with friends. And, if there’s somewhere that’s not on our list but is definitely on yours – make sure you find time to visit!



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