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Keeping your end of year celebrations happy and safe for everyone

Summer is on the horizon, the end of exams in sight.  Soon you’ll be able to breathe a big sigh of relief, and celebrate all the hard work you’ve done this year.

If you are going out to celebrate with your friends please remember you are part of the wider community that includes non students – people who work,  families, elderly residents –  as well as other students whose year hasn’t finished. It’s a shame, but there are examples of students who have been subject to disciplinary procedures because of anti-social behaviour, and this does include off campus behaviour. So please be mindful of how your celebrations can impact on your neighbours.

However you choose to celebrate, do it considerately, but also safely.  Take care and look after yourself and your friends.

Look after your mates

If you are heading on a big night out ensure you stay safe. Stick with your group, make sure someone knows where your going and who with –  and to keep your phone charged and on you at all times.

Getting home without cash

Without a doubt the best thing to do is keep some money separate for your taxi home, but if you are stuck without cash for a taxi, the Students’ Union have a Safe Taxi Scheme where you can leave your student card with the StreetCars Taxi driver, and pay the following day when you collect your card from the Student’s Union Helpdesk. This scheme also gives student a 10% discount and offers fixed fares.

To book, call StreetCars on 0161 228 7878 and quote ‘Manchester SU Safe Taxi Scheme’ with your full name and Student ID number.

And if the celebrations of others are getting a bit too much…

If you feel affected by noisy or anti-social neighbours, did you know you can call the confidential Neighbourhood Helpline? Simply call 0161 275 1863 to report any issues (including anti-social behaviour by other students, residents or environmental concerns) to the voicemail and someone will be in touch soon afterwards. Alternatively you can email neighbourhood.helpline@manchester.ac.uk. Both the University and the council take anti-social behaviour seriously, and reporting it will really make a difference.


Always dial 999 in an emergency, or 101 to report a non-emergency crime.

This is definitely a time to let loose and celebrate all of your achievements, and you should enjoy it however you choose –  but please be mindful of the risks when you’re out and about. Take care of your friends and be a good neighbour!