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Fun, creative ways to document your travels this summer

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When it comes to travelling, we all seem to be pretty good at snapping quick pics on our iPhones and making everyone on Instagram insanely jealous for a few days. And as great as this can be, sometimes it’s also nice to try out different ways to document our adventures, whether it be for memories sake, or simply to try something new. So for anyone heading off anywhere exciting this summer, here are 5 creative ways you can document your travels this summer:


The great thing about journaling is you can completely make it your own. If you’re into writing, great! Write away to your heart’s content! If you’re not (like me), use your journal to sketch, doodle, stick papers and postcards in and enjoy trying to squeeze your experiences onto one page. 

Memory Jar

If you don’t have the time (or patience) for journaling, memory jars are a great shout. Collect postcards, receipts, tickets, ANYTHING you can get your hands on and shove it in a cute jar to create something like this one bellow. Cute, nostalgic and easy.


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Travel Video

Okay so this one takes a bit more time, but it’s SO much fun. Grab any camera you have- your phone, DSLR, GoPro, and set to work capturing your travels. Not only are videos fun to look back at (even more so than photos) but you can get really creative with your video style. Check out some of my fave filmmakers for inspo- Casey Neistat, Jon Olsson or TaylorCutFilms- they all completely differ in style but are equally great to watch. I recently went to Kenya and made a short video on my GoPro, so if you’d like some more inspo you can click here 

DIY Travel Maps

Travelling to multiple places?! Why not create your own map! Use pins, stickers, string or pictures to mark the places you’ll be travelling/have travelled and watch as your map transforms into something like this…(cool, right!)


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Hopefully these helped give you a little inspiration, or simply a bit of motivation to get through exams and reach summer. I’ve tried out most of these, and they’re always so great to look back on, so let me know in the comments bellow if you also decide to try any out!

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