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How to keep motivated when writing your dissertation

Struggling to motivate yourself with your research or writing up? With the undergrads finished for the year and the buzz gone from campus, it’s hard to believe you still have work to do. Motivation for a long-term project can be challenging to maintain, but it’s easier than you think. Check out our top tips on keeping motivated when writing your dissertation.

Write something everyday

Aim to write several hundred words a day without fail. Giving yourself this target will do wonders to keep yourself motivated, slowly seeing yourself finishing up section after section while nearing the word count will give you an immense sense of progress. Make sure you check out the library’s summer workshops as they could provide you with some additional writing help.

Plan your working hours throughout the day

Doing a 10 hour shift in the library without any objective may seem like a productive session but in reality it isn’t. Instead, try doing a couple of hours in the morning, afternoon and night to be more productive.

Understanding that working in designated time slots forces you to get as much done in that time, making you more productive.

Take a proper break/ do other things

Taking a break could be the best thing to get your motivation back.

A day trip or short break might help you regain that focus you once had.  See content ambassador Meredith’s top day trips. Alternatively, see what’s going on across the city, chill out in the park or do something completely different to your dissertation like leisure and arts.  Also check out what SPORT Manchester has to offer this summer.

Find study partners

In many cases, having a study partner(s) will keep you motivated and accountable to each other to keep going. Additionally, having someone else read your work could help identify any mistakes you missed.

Partnering up with someone who is committed as you will also make your study sessions go faster.

Create a progress chart

One of the most demotivating things is the feeling of putting the hard work in without seeing any return.

By tracking your efforts, the progress chart will remind you of where you are doing well and where you need to focus more. It could be a visual reminder that you are moving in the right direction.

However, it is important to track it daily and be honest with yourself when writing down your accomplishments. Remember you are only competing with yourself.