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Books are on the move in the Library over summer

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Whilst campus gets quieter and the evenings are longer, the University’s Library team will be busy reorganising 21 kilometres of books into a single, user friendly sequence as part of its Big Book Move project.

In response to student feedback, the majority of books in the Main Library will be re-ordered into one sequence to make them easier to find.  This will also mean an improved layout for the Main Library along with updated and enhanced book location signage.

The work began on 11th June and continues until October 2018 with much of the changes taking place over the quieter summer months so that disruption and noise is kept to a minimum.

You’ll be able to clearly see the areas where work is taking place thanks to bright yellow ‘Books On The Move’ signage around the Main Library and a regularly updated web page here.

As part of this work the High Demand book collection is also being integrated from its Blue Ground Floor location into the same user friendly sequence. While the High Demand service remains, the integration means that, in future, all High Demand books will be located on shelves next to other copies of the same texts.

If you would like to know more about how this project will affect your particular subject area, please contact your Academic Engagement Librarian or find out more at the Customer Services Desk on Blue Ground Floor or online.


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