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Packing up your things? Give it, don’t bin it!

With the end of your Masters in view you might be thinking about packing up and moving onto pastures new. And if so, it’s a great opportunity to give your unwanted things to charity as part of the University’s Give it Don’t Bin it campaign.

Did you know that up to 60% of rubbish can be recycled?  It has been calculated that last year the equivalent of £376,005 was given in donations to the British Heart Foundation by students across Manchester, along with the equivalent of 4000 meals through donations to Manchester Central Foodbank. Since 2012 your donations have raised the equivalent of £1.3 million for the British Heart Foundation.

Here’s how you can help this year….

British Heart Foundation

Whether you’re living in halls or off campus there’s a British Heart Foundation donation point near to you.

Things you can donate to BHF:

  • Clothing & shoes
  • Books
  • CDs and DVDs
  • Clean pots, pans and cutlery
  • Small electrical items

Did you know that the BHF also do a free furniture collection?

For more information on Give It Don’t Bin It and to find your nearest BHF Collection Bank visit:

Food, food and more food

You’re starting to clean out your cupboards but still have unopened, non-perishable food which you don’t want to take with you.  Instead of throwing those out you can recycle them too!  You can take them to the nearest University Hall Reception or Manchester Student Homes.  All food donations will go to Manchester Central Foodbank.

Textbook Rescue

Textbook Rescue is a bid to save hundreds of unwanted textbooks from a life of gathering dust and an opportunity for you to donate your old textbooks to new students. You won’t have to take them very far; library collection points are located around campus.

And if there is anything left…

Remember to recycle what you can and dispose of any other waste responsibly.

  • Blue Bins:            Paper, cardboard and drinks cartons
  • Brown Bins:        Plastic bottles, cans, tins and glass bottles and jars

You can find out which bin to use in more detail.

Find out how to recycle more and make a positive contribution to the environment.