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Taking care of your wellbeing as a postgraduate researcher

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Most people will, at some point during their doctoral degree, experience stress or anxiety and begin to doubt themselves. Expectations of high achievement and high workload can trigger imposter syndrome which means postgraduate researchers can be very self-critical and be reluctant to seek help and advice when needed.

The University has a wealth of resources, support and advice for postgraduate researchers to access ranging from online resources on reducing stress and tension through to talking to counsellors at times of greater need. These resources and support are there for you to use – if you feel well, you’ll do well.

We’re always looking at ways to improve. We have received funding from the Office for Students to carry out a project over the next 18 months, aiming to identify ways to improve the provision and support for the wellbeing and mental health of our postgraduate researchers.

The project, Partnerships for Improved Postgraduate Researcher Wellbeing and Mental Health, will focus on prevention, supporting and referring.

Our prevention work will establish a better understanding of the factors which impact the mental health and wellbeing of our postgrad researchers; building in wellbeing checks and encouraging engagement with the University’s Six Ways to Wellbeing framework.

Our support work will include improving the visibility of our wellbeing resources and training and, where necessary, develop tailored training for both postgraduate researchers and your supervisors.

Our referral work will focus on improving our links and pathways to local NHS providers.

We need PGRs to be closely involved and inform the work and outcomes of the project. Over the next few months, we will be asking you to join group discussions and provide us with your ideas and opinions on wellbeing and mental health.

If you would like to be updated as the project develops and join one of our group discussions, please contact

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