Some important things to remember before you leave…

Your dissertation is in, all your hard work has paid off and soon you’ll be starting a new chapter of your life and joining the University’s global alumni community. Before you head off, here are a couple of important things to remember about what will happen to your University accounts after you leave us and how you can stay connected:

You can still use library services after you leave

Your student ID card will give you library access until you graduate, even if the date displayed on your card has passed. After graduation, you can apply for Alumni Library Membership.

By registering for an Alumni Library card you can carry on using the library, have access to some online resources and take out up to 15 books for a semester (more info here).

Please also remember to return any library books before you head off, even if you are coming back to do further studies – you only want good memories tying you to the University and not a hefty library fine! In addition, you won’t be able to reserve tickets for your graduation ceremony if you have any outstanding debts to the University.

Your IT account and email address will expire

Your IT account will close on Monday 31 December and there will be changes to the services you can access.

So, while January might seem like a long time away, it’s best to act while being a student is still fresh in your mind.

You’ll no longer have access to Microsoft Office 365, which includes your University email address. You should forward any emails and contact details you want to keep to a personal email account.

This said; keep checking your University email account for important information about your December graduation, which you’ll start to receive from October!

You should also save any files from your P: drive (ie. any files saved on your personal network on your university login) to an alternative location. Click here to find out how you can access your P: drive from your own computer.

If you are planning to return to the University at a later date, your IT account will be reactivated once you return.

You can find out more important IT information for graduate leavers here.

While you’ll no longer have access to My Manchester, we do encourage you to sign up for the Your Manchester network:

Use the Careers Service

As you will have no doubt found out during your masters, the reasons people study for a postgraduate degree are as varied as the courses themselves. The University’s Careers Service knows this, and offer’s guidance and support for up to two years after you graduate.  The Careers Service has been specialising in postgraduate careers for over 10 years so make the most of their dedicated resources.

Once you’ve left, take a look on CareersLink as a graduate, or you can use all other services run by the Careers Services – but remember to keep your student ID card for proof!

Use the Manchester Network 

You’re going to become alumni of The University of Manchester! You’ll be joining the exclusive list of previous University students such as Benedict Cumberbatch and Jennifer Saunders. Watch out for an exclusive email from the University inviting you to the Manchester Network, an online advice service which lets you network with fellow alumni around the world. Plenty of work experience and even job opportunities to explore…

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