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5 reasons you should join a society

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After the daze of a summer holiday, or the daunting prospect of starting University, joining a society seems like the last thing you want to be stressing over. I’ve outlined a few of the key reasons why you really should be thinking about joining a society as the first term of Uni begins…

Meet new, like-minded people

University societies are a fantastic place to meet new friends. Why? Because you’re guaranteed to have something in common! Cheesy as it sounds, these people are often the ones you’ll be friends with long after University finishes, so join yo’self a society and get yo’self some new friends.

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Keep fit and healthy

Joining a sports team is an easy way to make sure you’re still taking care of your fitness and health while at University. Sometimes studying or partying can get the better of us, but joining a sports team or a fitness class that meets regularly makes sports a part of your weekly routine. If the more ‘traditional’ sports don’t entice you, try something new! With choices ranging from boxing, salsa dancing to a bit of Muay Thai, there’ll definitely be something that’ll take your fancy.

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Help make a difference

Joining a society is a great way to give back to your community, whether that’s through joining a specific volunteering group, or by raising money for charity through events. There are so many wonderful student run volunteering/charity based societies in Manchester, so why not check them out in Freshers week!

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Increase your employability and leadership skills

Joining societies gives you a chance to run for positions, which gives you a chance to develop leadership skills, which will be invaluable in all areas of life. Holding a position in a society or organisation requires you to work in a team, plan events, liaise with other students and staff and learn to effectively problem-solve. I mean, c’mon! Who wouldn’t want to hire you!

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Get out of your comfort zone and learn something new!

Trying something new is a great way to step out of your comfort zone, increase your confidence, and perhaps even find a hidden talent you didn’t know you had! Take a look around Freshers fair and be open everything, because you never know what you might learn about yourself…

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