Services you may have missed

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We know you’re not a first year anymore but there are plenty of services you may not have engaged with in your time here.

We’ve put a handy list together for you so you don’t need to find them yourself.

1. Get started with the Library

It’s not just for first years. You’re going to be expected to step up this year and ensure your research, coursework and dissertations are up to the best standard possible.

2. Get IT savvy

Getting online is easy but there are loads of additional hacks to ensure you get access to your desktop, get a free download of Office 365 for taught students or getting all the resources you need without coming to campus.

3. Career-wise

Summer experience internships, grad schemes, career. It’s something you need to start thinking about. Don’t worry yet! There’s loads of support from the Careers Service and some big Careers Fairs coming up so you can browse or ask questions.

If you’re a postgrad, there are careers workshops tailored to you.

4. Don’t suffer in silence

If you have money worries or you’re struggling with workload, stress or even if everything feels a bit overwhelming, the Student Support and Advice team based in the Atrium of University Place may be able to help you.

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