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We’re IT Services, and we look after the technology powering lots of the systems you’ll regularly use.


We know your tech is important to you, and as you’d expect, we provide email, printing, Wi-Fi and an online learning environment.

However, there are also other services you might not know about just yet…

Our lecture capture system records most lectures for you to download. Of course; this is to help with revision, catching up on something you may not have picked up first time, or to help if you’ve been unable to attend a lecture. It’s not an excuse to ignore all your lectures!


Also, if you’re using your own computer, phone or tablet and you want to do some printing, you don’t have to clutter your room up with your own printer. You can send your documents to our mobile printing system and collect your printouts from any one of more than 200 student printers around campus.


Help and support

We’re always on hand to help you out if you’ve got any IT questions. We’ve got a team of 25 staff in our IT Support Centre, dedicated to helping students and staff.

Our phone line runs 24/7, our website has easy to follow guidelines on using our services, and we work with the Library’s IT team to provide face-to-face IT support if you need it.

We also have a team of IT support reps based in halls of residence to help you with internet in your room, whether it’s for study, research or leisure.

Research IT services

Postgraduate Research students can work with our specialist Research IT team to help with High Performance Computing, software engineering, collaboration, data management and training.

Find out more

Visit our website to find out more information about how we can make IT happen for you:

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