Off-campus living Safety

Be a good neighbour: remember, Fallowfield isn’t just home to students…

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There’s a lot of chances to have fun during Welcome. But please remember – Fallowfield and Withington are not student bubbles.

Please be considerate of your local community. Long term residents of the community include families and elderly residents – these are your neighbours, who you may not have met yet.

In recent years, students going through disciplinaries for issues related to house parties, conduct while on the streets and walking home, and other anti social behaviour has been on the rise; two years ago, three students were permanently excluded following noise complaints.

Students have told us that they didn’t know their behaviour off campus could land them in trouble with the University, so we’re just letting you know. Have fun this end of term, but please respect the community you’re part of.

Remember to keep yourself safe, and if you have any issues with disturbances in the community, please ring Manchester City Council’s Licensing and Out of Hours Team on 0161 234 5004.