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What to expect in your final year

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“Uni will fly by, just wait and see…”

Bet you can’t deny this was pretty much true? You’re now in final year – it seemed like yesterday when you were nervously meeting all of your flatmates for the first time.

So what should you expect in your final year?

You might think of it as the most academic year – dissertations and all – but it’s also a year to look to the future, enjoy being with your mates, and appreciate the city.

Keep track of your final year studies, but plan ahead towards your post-uni life

Of course, keeping on target with your deadlines and staying on top of that dreaded dissertation are important of your final year. But it’s also worthwhile thinking about what you want to do after your undergrad degree. Have you enjoyed your studies and want to take it further with a postgraduate degree? Or are you ready to enter the professional world and apply for a grad scheme?

Whichever path you wish to take, you should definitely get involved with some of the events we provide. The Postgraduate Study Fair takes place on 14 November 2018, where you’ll be able to meet with over 90 institutions offering postgraduate courses (including us!) Or, The Big Careers Fair will be happening on 9-10 October 2018 where you can network with employers and find out more information on potential job opportunities. Do remember – grad schemes close early in the academic year (between October and November), so don’t leave it too late!


Make the most of being with your uni friends

You’ve met some incredible people during your time at the University but, unfortunately, it’s not like becoming mates at school. You’ve only got three or four years together; afterwards, you might all move back home (whether you’re from the farthest corners of the UK, or miles away from a country abroad).

Be sure to make the effort with your mates by spending your evenings watching Netflix, going for drinks at the SU or even just having a lunch break together whilst you’re working away in the Library!


Explore the city

Manchester is like no other – it’s not as hectic as London, but there’s always something to do and lots to see. Exploit this whilst you can! Have you ventured out to Salford Quays yet? Or have you gone down to Didsbury for some boutique restaurants and shops?

You could also incorporate exploring the city with your studies. Why not switch up your work by going to Central Library instead of the usual Main Library? Or, grab a coffee in one of the many cafes in the city and make good use of that free wifi!

Don’t forget to take a break from your studies too. As you might already know, Manchester loves to host a festival! The Manchester Literature Festival takes place between 6-21 October 2018, featuring talks by the broadcasters Dame Jenni Murray (Woman’s Hour) and Graham Norton (The Graham Norton Show).  Definitely worth an hour’s break…


Final year is certainly an important year for your degree, and you do need to make sure you’re in tune with your studies. If you do find that you are struggling with your work, it’s always best to see your academic adviser in their office hours. There’s also the Student Support and Advice team, a group of recently graduated University of Manchester students who understand exactly how you are feeling in final year (they’re found in The Atrium in University Place).

But however much you might see your final year as your most academic, you should also remember that it’ll be one of the most exciting years of your life! Get enthusiastic about your post-uni future, cherish the moments you have with your uni mates and make use of your time in one of the most incredible cities in the world.

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