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How to live sustainably as a student

As everyone is constantly reminded, the face of the world we live in is rapidly changing, and in order to prepare for the challenges of tomorrow, we need to start adapting our lifestyles today.

Despite this seeming like an uphill battle, we’ve compiled a list of easy ways to help reduce your impact on the environment. Here’s some of our favourite ways to work towards living sustainably at home.

Eat more sustainably

One initial step towards living more sustainably is joining Manchester’s fastest growing organic vegetable box scheme – Veg Box People. This green initiative will have you cooking your (organic) greens in no time, as each week you’ll receive a variety of different vegetables to get creative with, from the usual suspects of carrots, potatoes and onions, to whatever’s currently in season.

With this option specifically designed for students in mind, not only is this scheme easy on the environment but also on your wallet.

Why not reduce food waste by cooking in large batches? Planning meals ahead can help save money, time and most importantly waste. One useful idea that might work for your house is having a rota of who prepares a family meal. Every bite not wasted contributes to a healthier and more sustainable environment!

Save water 

Another great initiative to make the most of is United Utilities’ free water saving products. From shower regulators to shower timers, not only will your housemates’ 30 minute showers be a thing of the past, but these devices will also help save money on bills, and ultimately contribute to help saving the environment, drop by drop.

Travel green

Instead of waiting for a bus, how about walking or cycling? With new cycle lanes in place, and numerous cycle schemes to take advantage of, there’s never been a better time to convert to two wheels. If that doesn’t appeal, how about walking? Healthier for you and the environment, you might also be surprised about how much of your local surroundings just pass you by on that double decker.

Save electricity

Are you turning devices off when not using them? In a typical student house, there might several laptops, phones, TV’s all being used, so take the time to ensure everything is switched off afterwards. It can go a long way to help avoid wasting energy. This also goes for lights in the house; if they’re not being used, ensure you turn them off!

To find out more, be sure to read Content Ambassador Lydia’s top tips on living sustainably and saving money at the same time.