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First semester checklist

Reading Time: 2 minutes

We’re now in week six and already you may feel like you’re getting into the swing of things, but with only a few weeks left of the first semester, here’s some things you should definitely check off your to-do list if you haven’t already done so.

1. Sign up to a GP

It’s really handy to be registered with a GP here in Manchester, so you don’t have to trek all the way home for a GP appointment. It doesn’t take too much time to sign up and means you’ll be set for the next few years while living in Manchester.

2. Sort out your transport

Whether you’re hoping to use the cycle lanes on Oxford Road or looking to ride the magic bus every day, definitely make an investment in either a bike or a bus pass. Both will make your life a whole lot easier and make getting round the city a dream.

3. Go to the library

It’s easy to get into the routine of going into Uni for lectures and making a swift dart for the exit when finishing, but we’d definitely recommend going to the library sooner rather than later and checking out the different services available to you during your studies.

4. Get a TOTUM card

TOTUM, the new name for the NUS extra card, brings you over 200 UK student discounts and comes with 1-year FREE ISIC unlocking over 42,000 international discounts. Pick up yours today from the SU!

5. Register to vote

Don’t forget to register to vote! There may not be an general election round the corner (or maybe there is) but it’s worth registering as soon as possible. It’s really easy and simple and can be done online.

6. Find your favourite coffee shop

Everyone needs to have that one place they love to go for a coffee, read a book or settle into a chill study session. Luckily, the MEN has put together a useful list for you to find a your new spot.