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My Research Essentials – support for you and your research

Looking for a little support to help keep your PhD on track, maybe a chance to meet others going through the same thing?

My Research Essentials is the Library’s programme of workshops, information sessions, and online resources designed to support development for researchers at all career stages. And, there’s a specific PGR pathway to help guide you through the resources available.

My Research Essentials is part of the Researcher Development programme, so you might hear about resources anyway, but it’s always worth a look through the events and resources to see what’s coming up or to check if there’s support for something you’re specifically struggling with.

Explore My Research Essentials here

And don’t forget, you can also access the Library’s My Learning Essentials workshops. Even if the academic related ones aren’t as relevant to you, they also run some well-being sessions that might be. Take a look at My Learning Essentials workshops.