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Want to play sport on campus for free? Then Sporticipate is for you!

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Didn’t fancy joining a sports team but still want to get active? Don’t want to spend lots of money on sport? Then Sporticipate is definitely for you!

Sporticipate is the beginner-level sport and physical activity programme for all staff and students at The University of Manchester. All sessions, programmes and events are aimed at complete beginners, so it doesn’t matter if you have played a sport before or not. All equipment will be provided; all you need is yourself, your registration ticket and comfortable clothing!

There’s a whole range of sports on offer for you to get involved with. You can go along to the more competitive sports to play more casually, such as squash, netball, swimming and hockey. Or, you can be a bit more spontaneous and try out the more obscure sports we have on offer here at the University, such as ultimate frisbee, korfball and futsal.

If you’re a little unsure on what sport to get involved with, why not take the Sporticipate Quiz? Or, check out the Sporticipate timetable (below) to see the full programme.

By getting yourself involved with Sporticipate, you’ll also be maintaining your wellbeing. As part of the Six Ways to Wellbeing, at least one session of Sporticipate a week will help you Be Active during your time at the University.

Plus, Sporticipate is a great way to meet like-minded people! There will be plenty of others attending who might want to play more casually than battling it out to make a team, and it’s great to know that you can play sport together without the pressure of performing.

Some of those you’ll meet might also live nearby to you. All Sporticipate sessions take place either in halls or around campus, so there’s no need to trek into the city or to the outer regions of Manchester!

All you need to do is register yourself on the Sporticipate website and you’ll have access to any of the sessions you want to attend.

Head over to the Sporticipate website for more information, and follow the Sporticipate Facebook page to find out about any extra events that will be taking place.


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