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Mythbusting North Campus

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If you’re reading this, you might be considering applying for accommodation in North Campus. More than likely, you’ll have no idea it even existed. I’ll admit, North Campus wasn’t my first choice. My research online didn’t result in favourable reviews, recent reviews or many reviews at all. Nevertheless, I was allocated a North Campus hall and despite this my love of bustling city life I wasn’t sure if this was the place for me. I wish I hadn’t let my limited knowledge taint my earlier experiences, I’m dreading leaving next year and I wish I had applied in the first place. So when choosing your accommodation please consider my advice as I bust the 3 most prevalent myths about life in North Campus. 

Myth 1: North Campus is so far from Uni!

Short answer; no.

Long answer; it depends. 

When applying for accommodation, your future timetable is still very much a mystery. I didn’t know where any of the buildings were nor where I would have to be at any given time. If you’re studying engineering or fashion, your morning commute may consist of crossing a road to get to class. Students studying in the Stopford Building like me, (usually medical and biological sciences) can reach class in about 20 minutes. 

While this doesn’t seem particularly strenuous in theory, once winter hits you really don’t want to be walking to class. I’ve been caught out by a few early morning fire alarms and had to place my faith in our North Campus mascot; Bus 147.

When it comes to morning lectures, this bus is punctual and free until the Stopford Building from Sackville Street. However as the day goes on, the buses become more and more infrequent despite the optimistic timetable at each stop. Come 5pm, be prepared to wait a while. 


All this aside, North Campus is actually closer to University than most Fallowfield accommodations so I wouldn’t let distance be the deciding factor for applying elsewhere! 

Myth 2: Halls are full of international students who don’t talk!

I’m an international student myself and I was really disappointed when I heard this rumour. Don’t believe all that you read online about international students being antisocial or only speaking in our mother tongues. Coming to a new country, university and being thrown headfirst into a new culture is really daunting. It’s natural for some of us to group together in the early days as we tend to relate to each others experiences. 

Some people might just be nervous about communicating in English as second language but would love all the practise they can get! I loved being taken under the wing of people who knew what they were doing – it’s the main reason I think I settled in quickly despite being a 15 hour flight from home  Plus we always come full of interesting stories to tell and good food to share. What better way is there to make friends? 

winnie the pooh

Myth 3: There isn’t anything to do

This was a pretty common consensus amongst the online reviews for North Campus but it couldn’t be further from the truth! North Campus is 10 minutes away from Arndale, Market Street as well as the Northern Quarter. If you’ve never heard of these places I really encourage you to go and explore, no spoilers from me! If you do head to Market Street, catch the food market on the weekends because I can’t recommend the Vietnamese fried rice enough. From catching movies at Printworks to avoiding being hit by trams, (a personal fear of mine) you’ll always have something to do. 

In regards to nightlife, you’ll be surprised at how many of your friends seem to end up around here. Factory and Fifth are extremely popular clubs for first years which are a 5 minute walk away. In my experience, everyone ends up at one of these anyway so you’ll never have to travel far after a night out. The 142 and 143 buses, (much more reliable than the 147) are extremely frequent along Oxford Road so you aren’t confined to North Campus at all. 

so much fun.gif

Finally, I decided to ask as many people on North Campus as I could to describe their experience in one word. That’s the featured image you see at the top. Hopefully this sums up what I tried to say. I hope you consider North Campus and enjoy your time here as much as I am right now!

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