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5 ways to balance your studies with the Christmas break

The festive season is upon us and, although you might not want to think about revision or assignment writing, it’s likely that you’ll have to do some work over the break.

Whether you’re heading away from campus or staying here for Christmas, it’s important to feel prepared for getting your work done but also that you remember to take some time out and enjoy the break without feeling guilty.

So to help you make progress with your work while having a good time with friends and family,  here are 5 ways to balance your studies with the Christmas break:

1. Plan your time

Only you know how much you’ve got to do and the deadlines you have. Make the most of your break by planning when you want to get your work done – and sticking to it. Are you a little and often person, or would you rather plan to work for full days (taking breaks!)? Work out which will work better for you and the plans you have.

For more hints and tips, see our five practical ways to manage your time .

2. Create your own study space

If you’re studying away from campus, you’ll need to find a proper place to get stuck in to your work. Whether you are returning back to your old bedroom or prefer spending time working on your kitchen table – make sure you have a proper desk or a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed.

Or if you’re finding the lure of the sofa and the Christmas specials of Come Dine With Me all too tempting, consider going to work at your local library. You’ll have fewer distractions and working to their opening hours will encourage you to keep to a schedule.

If you live near another university, you might be able to apply for access to its library. Simply check your eligibility on the SCONUL website to see which libraries you can study in.

3. Ask your friends and family for help

If you need an extra set of eyes to proofread your assignment or to test you on certain questions, asking your friends or family for help is a great use of time – and it means you can spend some time with them too! You never know, they may even learn a thing or two from your work – or you may get some great ideas to explore in your assignments!

4. Set yourself goals

As well as working to a schedule, make sure you set yourself goals. You could set mini goals to achieve at the end of each day – or instead weekly goals. By doing so, you’ll have a clear plan of action and once you hit those self-made targets, you’ll feel amazing!

Ahead of the Christmas break, why not see what you want to achieve by the start of January and create your own action plan? Take inspiration from Meredith’s tips for creating effective study habits.

5. Treat yourself

The lead up to Christmas and the festive season itself can be a busy time, but it is so important to take breaks and to treat yourself – whether that’s by watching your favourite show, treating yourself to a festive snack or drink or simply meeting up with friends.

Make sure you aren’t overloading yourself with unrealistic goals and to spend time doing the things you most enjoy.

The most important thing is to enjoy the break, use your time wisely and balance it as best as you can.

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