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Celebrating the end of exams – have fun and stay safe

As exams come to a close, we know you’re itching to break free from Blue 2 and you’re ready to celebrate in style.

But, don’t forget to make sure you and your friends are safe, and please be remember to be considerate of those who aren’t celebrating, such as your neighbours (and don’t forget – not everyone finishes exams at the same time as you do!)

Exploring the city

Go on, get yourself out of the Oxford Road bubble!

Whether you’re still getting lost in the city or you’ve visited it too many times, there’s always something weird and wonderful to find in Manchester. Why not go to the Manchester Indie Book Fair on 2 February and find the next best read from Manchester and the north of England? Or, head down to HOME to experience British artist David Bethell’s Fleeting Flights exhibition, which tells the story of a man’s attempts to escape his ramshackle shack in an isolated woodlands via a wooden balloon. Quirky!

And don’t forget – Manchester’s Chinese New Year celebrations start from 7 February, which will feature some spectacular parades, decorations and a street food market.

Nights out

There are also a variety of nights out to go to after your exams. But, please stay safe at night; make sure your friends know where you are and how you’re getting home, and keep to well-lit streets. Remember that you can use the SU’s Safe Taxi Scheme if you’ve run out of money and can’t get home.

Plus, also be aware of those who won’t be celebrating when you’re getting ready to go out; keep noise to a low so you don’t keep your neighbours up all night, or let them know that you’ll be hosting celebrations at your house.

No one likes getting a bad night’s sleep before their exam. Remember – that much of the populations of Fallowfield and Withington are not students, so make sure you don’t disturb them either.

If there are any issues with disturbances in your community, please ring Manchester City Council’s Licensing and Out of Hours Team on 0161 234 5004. The team works until 4.30am every morning.

Have a celebratory meal

There are so many restaurants across Manchester to eat at, and what’s not to like about being with your mates and eating good food?
Check out student blogger Cristina’s top recommendations or if you’re veggie or vegan, Daria has some great places to eat.

If you’re thinking of saving a bit of money, you could get creative – you could host your own Come Dine With Me and rate each other’s meals (just don’t give anyone a 0!)

Do all the things you wanted to do during exams

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for – you can procrastinate guilty-free! Now’s your chance to re-decorate your room – have you seen Nana’s guide on making a house a home? Or why not plan a gym routine to get back into? If you’re not as keen on the gym, give the UoM Sport website a browse – keep your eyes peeled for the Semester 2 Sporticipate timetable.

Sit back, relax…

Sometimes, just doing nothing is the best option! There’s always something good on Netflix to take your mind away from post-exam woes (have you seem Bird Box yet?…) Or, you can just make sure you get a good night’s sleep…