Student Money Week (4 – 8 February)

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Looking for a new way to manage your money or just want to start managing your money? Student Money Week is a great time to get some tips.

We know that money worries and managing your money can take up a lot of time (and cause stress  – just when you least need it) so during Student Money Week, you can find a range of information and activities to help you think about how you manage your money and look at changing some of those unhelpful habits we can all fall into (takeaway every night? Buying lunch every day?).

Join in each day:

Monday 4 (10am-3pm): Fast fashion in the Izone

Instead of throwing stuff out why not learn how to mend and make do? Save money and the planet! We’ll be giving out sewing kits and offering tips and tricks to help clean clothes. Join us in the Izone on the ground floor of University Place.

Tuesday 5 (10am – 1pm): Manchester Student Homes

Make sure you’re getting value for your money with your accommodation and that you understand your rights and responsibilities when it comes to paying rent and deposit payments.

Wednesday 6 – My Future Fest

Join us at My Future Fest in University Place for information on budgeting with Blackbullion.

Thursday 7 – Milk and Honey Discount

Milk and Honey community café in St Peter’s House is offering all students a discount today!  Just show your ID at the counter. Treat yourself and feel good that you’ve saved money!

Friday 8 (10am – 3pm): Shopping basket challenge in the Izone

Are you spending more than you need to at the supermarket? We’re comparing a basket full of branded good with equivalent own brands. Can you guess the how much it costs? Winner wins the basket. Shopping sorted!

Looking for more information?

You can also take a look at some of our recent advice on budgeting:

Need advice on where to start? Our content ambassador Lydia has budgeting 101 for you or here’s some practical tips on making your money go further. She also has some handy tips on how you can make money without a part time job.

Looking for a new way to get organised?  Megan has her take on her favourite apps for managing your money.

Really Struggling?

Try not to worry – there’s help available. The Student Support team, have lots of advice and guidance, including information on how you may be able access additional funds such as the Living Cost Support Fund, which is currently open for applications.

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