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NSS: Give to charity and have your say!

If you’re a finalist eligible to complete this year’s NSS you should already have received an email from Ipsos/Mori asking you to complete your survey – and if you’ve done yours thank you! If not, we really would appreciate your thoughts about your time here – and don’t forget there’s something in it for you, and for the local community!

The NSS is really important to us as an institution – it’s one of the main ways we hear how we’re doing, and that matters to us.  Working to improve the experience of students is a major part of the work we do – and so it’s important it’s well informed with the choices we make. 

That’s what we get, but what about you? We appreciate that surveys aren’t everyone’s idea of fun (even though we really value the results).

So, we will give to charity for every single completed response, and this year, for the first time the charities have been chosen by the University and Students’ Union because of their close ties with student volunteering and our social responsibility goals.

So the money raised by this year’s NSS will make a real difference to our local community, and here’s where it will go:

George House Trust: George House Trust has been providing HIV support and advice services since 1985. At George House Trust there is a very clear vision – for all people living with HIV in the North West to live happy and health lives and be free from stigma and discrimination.

STAR: STAR is a national network of student groups working to improve the lives of refugees in the UK.  STAR is a national charity of 27,000 that volunteer at local refugee projects, campaign to improve the lives of refugees and educate people about refugees and asylum.

STAR is made up of 46 groups at universities and colleges across the UK and a national team which co-ordinates and supports the groups. You can see more about the work of the Manchester group on their Facebook page.

Burkhart Centre Women’s Wellbeing Project: Based at the Burkhart Wellbeing Centre

Big Change Manchester: Big Change is part of Manchester Homelessness Charter, bringing together people experiencing homelessness, charities, grassroots groups, the council, businesses and individuals to end homelessness in Manchester.

Big Change pays for practical items individuals need to build independent lives away from the streets. The idea is that if everyone who lives, works or visits Manchester donates, together we can make a Big Change.

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