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Speak Up Stand Up and be the change!

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Back in October the University launched ‘Speak Up, Stand Up’ a collaboration between the University of Manchester and Manchester Students’ Union. The campaign calls for action on all forms of harassment, bullying, hate crime and sexual violence, and aims to empower, educate and build confidence for people to become active bystanders.

Each month, as part of the campaign, different topics such as; Homophobia, Disabalism, Religious Hate, Islamophobia, Anti-Semitism, Hate Crime, Racism, Online Harassment and more will be explored.

This February the campaign focuses on Online Harassment and Hate Crime, as well as Speak Up Stand Up supporting Reclaim the Night, and LGBTQ+ History month.

The campaign asks everyone, students and staff alike to be aware and recognise all types of harassment and take action against it. Whether it’s online or in person we are asking everyone

Acts of harassment, hate and violence committed because of a person’s identity often start with negative attitudes, beliefs and stereotypes about other people. Beliefs are cultivated through exposure and repeated reinforcement by those around them. If unchallenged these beliefs can lead to prejudicial and biased behavior.

Speak Up Stand Up encourages people to become active bystanders and be the change. If you see someone being discriminated against or made to feel uncomfortable, take action. This could be as simple as talking to the individual who is being harassed and making sure they are OK. Alternatively you can use the report and support website to report incidents of bullying and harassment. It’s also important to remember you should only intervene if you feel safe to.

To find out more about Speak Up Stand Up, and how you can get involved as an ambassador visit the campaign website.

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