MLE courses to help with your dissertation

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With dissertation and final project season well and truly here – now is a really good time to look into the My Learning Essentials programme.

In the lead up to the Easter vacation, there are sessions that will be either great refreshers or introductions to skills that will really help you produce your best work.

There is support for whatever stage you’re at. From critical reading, to referencing and structuring and onto the last stages of proofreading, you’ll find all kinds of useful information.

And if, it’s all getting too much, there are sessions to help you cope. There are mindfulness sessions as well as sessions to help you manage procrastination and challenge unhelpful thinking habits.

Explore the  My Learning Essentials calendar to see everything that is on offer. And remember, if you can’t attend the workshops on campus there’s plenty of help available through the online resources.

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